Welcome to the ’Burbs.

A slow awakening

As you rouse to consciousness and the effects of the drug-induced coma wear off you realize that you are in a round metal room made of MD material. There is a small window approximately 20 meters above you in the center of the room. The opening no wider than one meter circumference is barred with 20cm metal bars. If only you could reach them…

Change of plans

I might just make this game into my Call of Cthulhu game since I haven’t really started preparing this and got side tracked with Cthulhu (failed my know roll).

Sorry for being gone and forgetful

Life it seems is cruel and unusual, but as a master gamer I have persevered. I will try and devote this campaign towards all things Cthulhu for I have fallen in love with the genre. I have even gone so far as to write my own scenario and play test it. Working out the kinks, but Obsidian gives me a way to get my scenario in the hands of other players and keepers. More to follow, just letting know that I have not abandoned you.

The Subjugation